I knock at every heart. by Vimala Thakar

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I knock at every heart. Liberation is the goal of human life. They describe in self confident notes Various qualities of ultimate liberation. Once you attain liberation they say You are permanently in blissful happiness. You are beyond pain and beyond pleasure, You are beyond sorrow and beyond joy. No action is needed, nor any respite, You become bliss,eternal, immortal. I listen to them with humble patience. Their words do make my heart sad, Untold tears fill my eyes incessantly For their words are as empty as ashes. Their words are echoes...

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Each of us a Miniature Wholeness by Vimala Thakar

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Internally, we are divided against ourselves; the emotions want one thing, the intellect another, the impulses of the body yet another, and a conflict takes place which is no different in quality, although it is in scale, from that of the world wars. If we are not related to ourselves in wholeness, is it any surprise that we cannot perceive the wholeness of the world? […] Because the source of human conflict, social injustice, and exploitation is in the human psyche, we must begin there to transform society. We investigate the mind, the human...

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Welcome to Palestine

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Yesterday I was in the most moving event ever of my life. It took place in the Dead Sea. Organised by Women Wage Peace (www.womenwagepeace.org.il/en) who are deadly serious about bringing a final peace agreement to Israel and Palestine, this was to be the final big event after 14 days of Marching all through Israel, designing various events in many places, North, South, West and East. What Women Wage Peace tries to do is to bring women together from all areas of life – Arab, Palestinian, Settler, liberal Israelis…. And all the various mixed...

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Why I am going to Israel

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It is a rainy Sunday afternoon in Berlin – luckily. This way I am not distracted by the beautiful past days that were beckoning to go out of the city to walk through the golden autumny lights of nature. I am busy packing, checking camera and equipment and figuring out how to be nice under any circumstances when I am being checked at customs. When I take a break I read various texts on ‘Sacredness’ and get inspired by Vimala Thakars book ‘Challenge to Youth’. The reason I am going to  Israel, is to film the March...

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Initial thoughts on this film project

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Sculpting…. falling into stillness…. reading the news….. talking with friends…. sculpting…. re-writing…. meeting up with a woman who knew Vimala Thakar and speaking for 6 hours straight…. scuplting….. for months…. thinking about what is sacred and finding myself looking into the trees outside my window…. re-writing…. re-thinking…. questionning the medium of film… how is film related to the sacred?….. women… men…. the deep longing for unity…....

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