By watching your film this afternoon we have seen not only a truly beautiful overview of essential events in the life of Vimala Thakar, but also a marvelous (and sustainable) possibility to make contact with the essence of her communications as a student of life. So, the ‘Eternal Voyage’ goes on and it is a privilege to be part of it. J. also joined in watching ‘The Fire’ and she particularly appreciated the feminine nature of the film. Your creative touch surely is responsible for this; it spontaneously brings about a lot of relief away from dualistic approaches which, unfortunately, are far too common in the cultural expressions of our times. Peter J.

Amazing, tremendous behind the scenes core work done by you and your team. My heartfelt appreciation. This film is much needed in this chaotic and confused world of today. This is the next stage in the history of evolution. Human race either change or go towards anarchy. Hope many, many more will watch it. Good luck. Mohini C.

What a wonderful film you have created, it brings Vimala her teachings to life in so many ways. The documentary is a powerful transmission of the freedom, wisdom, joy and seriousness of her teachings and opens the heart to a direct simplicity that is rare and so needed in the world. Thank you for taking so much care in making the film, I loved that you showed the  painting of Durga that is slowly created through the film, intermingled with footage of Vimala teaching and the beauty of nature in India….timeless.A huge congratulations to you Renata, it had a big impact on me, these kind of films are rare and can bring life changing moments. Mike D.

Wow Renate, what a beautiful film you made!!! Congratulations! I loved watching it and I love to see it again. I love how you have put the whole thing together, the poetry, the art, the music, the story of Vimala’s life, her teaching, the choice of the teaching fragments etc. Really beautifully done. Also in the way it is put together, it is transmitting some of her teaching, and definitely the (importance of) silence… I needed to sit in silence for a bit after watching. I think it is a beautiful tribute to Vimala’s life, the life of a remarkable woman and beautiful human being. Thanks for your perseverance. Josephine B.

I watched your film online about a week ago. I just want to let you know that it’s wonderful. What was most inviting to me is the silence in the film. The piano music coming and going, and the creating of the Durga image, and then erasing it added to the silence. The film has a poetic and quiet feel, and yet dynamic when Vimala speaks.  Congratulations on bringing this amazing woman to the screen. I hope you also enter the film in festivals because the story you tell is important. Thank you for making such a spiritually revealing film. Cynthia O.

Thanks from my heart for the invitation and the showing of  your Vimalaji-film last night (Indian time).  This was my first meeting with Vimalaji outside the world of books. How poetic your movements within the storytelling  are! And how beautifully you have captured the Life-view of Vimalaji! I like the changes between the scenes which allow the beat of the messages to mature in the mind. Mother Ganga, the mountains, nature, modern city buildings, curious and laughing children, interviews with those who were with her, places she lived and acted in – it is all there to show us this ever spiritually vibrant beloved country that she loved. Like many others I will enjoy the possibililty to watch this film again. Leela K.

I was deeply moved by the film. It’s beautifully put together and alongside getting an unfolding exploration of Vimala Thakar’s life, I felt I was on an intimate journey with you, as you weave in threads of your own philosophizing and processing. Matilda T.

Greetings from India! I really enjoyed watching the last night screening of the film “In the Fire of Dancing Stillness” the way you have made the film and covered teachings and life sketches of Vimalaji is marvellous and so inspiring for me. I did read a few books of her which has given me lot’s of insights and clarity to my life journey. Datta P.

Dear Renata, I got very touched and feel the support and inspiration the movie send. It’s a gentle, beautiful and at the same time informative movie. Thanks so much. Sitting in Denmark I feel the grossness compared to the Indian culture…. I see the importance to stay in touch with inspired people to go on in the inquiry. So again thanks for sharing. Gitte